Better utilize time of your experts

Loganno can help you with:


Log analysis assistance

Suggests causation learned from previously analysed logs


Finding similar root-causes

Fingerprints the root-cause to easily find duplications


Hidden failures discovery

Catches diviations from the normal execution flow


Tests coverage tracking

Tracks correlation between code changes and tests

How does it work

Loganno automatically understands your logs and converts them into a numerical representation. Then it applies a range of machine learning and deep learning algorithms to determine common patterns across successful runs. Once a failure happens, Loganno determines the most likely root cause and tracks it down to a particular logline. It also detects duplications across multiple failures and provides other insights.

Turn key

As engineers ourselves, we know every team has a great variety of tools and practices. We do all the heavy lifting by integrating with your log format and structure, performing initial system training and fine-tuning and integrating with your CI and issue tracking systems.

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